Marketing a Blog With No Money

In the contemporary times where blogging has become an industry a standalone blog is nothing and you cannot get any benefit out of it until people come to you. Whether you’re a part time blogger and sharing your personal experience for entertainment or for personal satisfaction purpose, a professional blogger aiming to earn revenues out of your blog by monetizing it or your blog is supporting your website and fetching traffic for it, you must need visitors and no one will know you until you tell them. This is what we call blog marketing. Efficient marketing needs finances and funds, but what if you don’t have such? Should you stop the marketing plan and wait for funds? Absolutely no! It’s time for you to start marketing your blog with zero funds. This needs only few things to do. Though it’s a bit time consuming but a very reliable and economical method of marketing. The things you need to do are as follows:

Visit the blogs related to your blog and place a suitable comment there. Do not forget to mentioned your blog in the website field.
Join Social bookmarking sites.
Submit your blog to some free Blog Resource Directories []
Join forums, participate actively there using your signature for linking your blog.
Submit articles to the ezines getting a linkback.
Have a review exchange with another blogger with. If the post is permanent that’s more than good.
Place the link of your blog on other sites of yours. Sometime other sites may be irrelevant, so be a bit tricky here.
These are the basic steps to prom

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